Sunday, 8 January 2017


Hello and a very Happy New Year to you all! Research was part of my dancewear module at uni and I couldn't help but want a tutu after seeing all of the gorgeous ones in my studies. I decided that the romantic tutu's are my favourite. They were popular in the romantic era, hence their name and were cut just above the ankle so that the dancers footwork could be admired.
Luckily my friends were having a fancy dress party for their birthday so I could make my ballerina dream a reality! If I was to make a romantic tutu properly it would be attached to a basque but I wanted mine to wear over the leotard I made last year so I simplified the process a lot.
I ordered 2 metres of tulle from eBay hoping that with a long width there would be enough fabric. This was then cut into 3 equal pieces and sewn into 3 tubes with an opening left at the top of each seam so I could get it on. These tubes were then gathered to my waist measurement and sewn onto a bleached calico waistband which is fastened with a giant snap.
I wasn't at all happy with the fit of the leotard so I made a few drastic alterations. The first was to cut a straight line at the neckline, cutting off the straps which always dug into my arms. The neckline was looking a bit baggy so I zigzagged a piece of foldover elastic down the wrong side of the centre front to ruche it a bit, which I think looks great.
I curved the underarm seam down into the back and used foldover elastic for the straps. The result is a lot more comfortable than the original. Don't look at the finishing on the inside though. That leaves a lot to be desired.
I was really quite happy with the overall effect for the party, but there really aren't enough layers of tulle to make a proper impact. One day I'd like to add at least another 3, or maybe scrap the waistband and do it all properly. It is very hard to find  information on making a proper romantic tutu though. All the tutorials are fashion based because it seems that tutus were all the rage a few years back.
It was very fun to wear, I must admit. An outfit such as this really requires a person to float around with shoulders back!
Thanks for reading, to Beth for letting me borrow her dance tights, to MK for the fabulous party and to Edward for letting me drag him to the woods for photos.
Lauren xx


  1. Very lovely ! As a dancer I can say that usually the tutus have at least one layer of stiffer tulle in there to hold the shape. I think it's generally sandwiched between two soft layers but I could be wrong.

  2. Lovely tutu, so whimsical and romantic. I made a petticoat last to wear under my vow renewal dress and I love it, I wish I could it all the time (unfortunately I have no reason to, I might have to plan a party just so I can wear it)

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  4. You might like to check this out: The author is a designer for Simplicity, and the pattern she talks about used 35 yards of tulle! It is a fashion skirt, but she also has a pattern for a traditional tutu: She does a lot of research before designing anything, so although the patterns are simpler than something authentic, they are a good starting point! I'm not associated with the author, but am always on the lookout for interesting dancewear tips!