Thursday, 26 May 2016

Lace Bodysuit

Hello all! After seeing all of Madalynne's amazing bodysuits over the last few months I got really inspired to make my own. So on my next trip to Goldhawk Road I kept my eye out for the perfect lace and nude lining, and I found them! I think 1m of each cost me around £8 in total? 

I muddled together a bodysuit pattern from a pair of my pants/undies and the Kitschy Coo Lady Skater bodice. It was all a bit rough and ready because I was very aware that my nude fabric was more of  a double knit and so didn't have a lot of lengthwise stretch, so I left a fair bit of ease in to account for that. For that reason, it isn't skin tight because then it would become uncomfortable.
For the first time in my fairly short life I'm going to parties with alcohol and dancing, and I've been wanting something to wear that makes me feel a bit sexy and more confident and just more able to embrace the dancing spirit. (I can dance to Blues Brothers stone cold sober, but today's 'music' takes a bit more effort.) I thought this bodysuit would fit the bill perfectly, with a fairly high front neckline and low back.
I probably could have made the back a bit lower, but when I made the observation and decided to remedy it I accidentally cut the front neckline lower. Low enough to show everything. So in a panic I kind of appliqued the front neckline back on and left the back neckline well alone. It looks a bit scrappy up really close, but I've been informed that it isn't very noticeable atall.
I finished the armholes and neckline with knicker elastic because it's my favourite new thing to finish knit edges with. However, I'd run out of it by the time that I'd gotten to the leg holes so I used fold over elastic instead. I applied it to each leg hole in a different way and the top finish is definitely my favourite. It's a lot sturdier and you have a lot more control.
It is a bit rough and ready. The armholes aren't even and the back straps aren't even but they are easily forgotten about when it's worn. I worry that the white isn't quite right for my skintone, but that can easily be fixed with a colourful cardi. The back is too low for a bra, but it's perfectly supportive for what's there without one.

I've worn it in various ways with a skirt and with boyfriend jeans and I love how different each outfit looks and how different each outfit feels. Add a leather jacket to the jeans and I'm a badass. My friends get tongue-in-cheek Lauren for the rest of the day. Add a skirt and cardi and it's a beautifully elegant summer outfit. My, clothing is powerful.

I spent a lot of time wondering how I was going to document this bodysuit. I wanted to show you guys all of it, not just the top half. Was it only acceptable to photograph it inside? Would the lighting be rubbish and affect the quality of the photos? My friend Amy suggested handstands as a way for you guys to see all of the bodysuit in a slightly more acceptable way. Only one problem. I am totally incapable of doing handstands. My solution was to drag 3 friends outside at lunch and get them to hold my legs up for me. You've got to admit, it makes for a fairly amusing photo. 
After that, I decided that I might as well just take my skirt off and get on with it. And I'm glad I did.
Thank you guys for reading and I hope you all had a lovely day! Thanks to my long suffering friends Amy, Alex, Zoe and Bethan for solving puzzles and for holding my legs up when I ask them too. 
Lauren xx