Sunday, 8 February 2015

Cherry Blossom Tree Chardon

A couple of weeks ago, I had another interview. My last interview. It quite frankly needed to go well because after getting 2 rejections from other uni's I was running out of options! My interview dress obviously wasn't cutting it so I came up with this outfit instead. I felt happy wearing it and hopefully that came across in the interview. Ironically this was the only place that didn't ask whether I was wearing something that I've made and I made all 3 pieces in this outfit! (Under the pink jumper I'm wearing a white archer)
I asked for the Chardon pattern for my birthday because I've been eyeing it up for some time. I've tried many an improvised pleated skirt in the past, which haven't been so successful so I saved the tears and frustration and just used the pattern instead!
After wearing it that day, I made 2 little pleats at the side seam because it was a bit big at the waist but it's fine now. The fabric was given to me by some friends for my birthday and the print is gorgeous. I managed to squeeze it out of the 1 metre but had to sacrifice any print matching. However, as I can't see the skirt from the back and the front is cut on the fold everything is fine!
The skirt is fastened with an invisible zip at the centre back and the hem was finished with bias binding because I didn't want to sacrifice any of the length. I had to sacrifice a fair bit of the length fitting it on the fabric already. Okay, the pockets. This is the second time I've put inseam pockets into a garment (the first was my pajama bottoms) and I love them! They are just so useful. I must admit, I keep trying to put my hands in the non-existant pockets of my other skirts so I need to put more pockets in skirts, stat!
This outfit must have done the trick, because the interview was successful and I'm going to uni next year to do a degree in costume production! Woo! Thanks to Dad for accompanying (chauffeuring) me and taking pictures in the convenient park next to the uni, and for the post-interview fabric shopping. That was also very good.
Thanks for reading!
Lauren xx