Sunday, 12 October 2014

Hudson Pants

 Today I have to present to you my new P.E kit! I'm in my last year of school and we still have to do 2 hours of P.E a fortnight and this year I wanted to do it in style. Enter the amazing True Bias Hudson Pant pattern and some amazing ponte knit from Minerva Crafts which is actually the most expensive fabric I've ever bought. I did only need one metre of it though but I want a whole roll of it to make a myriad of things with it. What can I say, the print and colour and comfy-ness of this fabric just makes me happy.
I was worried about the fit because my hips are a good few inches smaller than the smallest size on the pattern but it was just fine because I could just adapt the amount of elastic used for the waistband. The length is great. Next time I'll make the rise a bit higher, they feel a tad low to me, especially when I'm bending down and stuff.
Is this how people stretch?!
I used the back of the fabric for contrasting pocket bindings and cuffs. It took me 3 tries to overlock the cuffs wrong side to wrong side because I automatically always go right side to right side which in this case was the opposite!
The back of the waistband is a tad iffy because I didn't use the right width of the elastic but it's nothing that a long top can't hide!
These are really really comfy tracksuit bottoms and I can't wait to wear them more and more as the weather gets colder. 

Have a picture of me losing balance when trying to do one of those leg stretches
That's pretty much all I've got to say today and it's back to homework for me.
Thanks for reading and to Ed for taking the pics!
Lauren xx