Sunday, 24 January 2016

Dino pjs

Hello all! Today I have some really fun pjs to share with you. Marilla posted about this dinosaur fabric a while back and I couldn't resist. I'm not really one to go for novelty prints, but for pajamas I think dinosaurs are perfectly acceptable.
For the top I traced an existing thermal top and then added cuffs and a band for the hem. I think I could have been a bit more precise because the sleeves ended up having little pleats at the top because they were too big. The long sleeves are perfect for keeping me warm at home, but living in an 8 floor building at uni they are too warm. I'm not sure whether I'll cut them down, but it's a possibility.
I used the True Bias Hudson pant pattern for the bottoms. This pattern was such a good investment. I think this is my 5th pair so they didn't take very long to put together at all. 
They have had so much wear already and are so comfy that I never want to take them off. Ugh, why isn't fabric self cleaning already! I accidentally walked into a party wearing them on Friday night and now I have two orders for dino t-shirts, which is great!
Thanks for reading and to Ed for taking photos! It was such a funny set up. He was holding my lamp shade down with a hanger to get the light on me, standing on a stool and taking pictures with his other hand.
Lauren xx


  1. So cute! It looks like you two had a fun time taking pictures.

  2. Hi, I love you blog your makes are always great and you have I spirede to try out a couple of patterns! And these are no exception such cute pjs!! I want some now!!

    1. That's fantastic! You should totally make some. :)

  3. Great jimjams, love colourful nightwear. So fun.

  4. awesome pyjamas! it's great that you got some orders as well :D

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