Sunday 6 July 2014

Floral Playsuit

 Howdy to you all! I picked up this amazing fabric at The-Charity-Shop-That-Sells-Fabric for a steal at 5.99 for 2 1/4 metres! It's really soft and smooth and silky and generally lovely. And the print. I love the print. As per my capsule wardrobe plans it was destined to become a playsuit and a playsuit it has become. I decided that matching top and bottoms would be better and more versatile than an all in one. I can't wait to make a navy half circle skirt to go with the bodice and a navy lace tee to go with the shorts.

The bodice I traced off my strapless maxi dress because I lost the pattern pieces I made! Stupid, stupid Lauren for not tidying and consequently adding 2 hours to a project. As I couldn't get hold of a separated zip or a hoody zip the measurement of my armpits to waist I decided that it had to button up at the back instead. To do that I added 1 1/2 inches to the center back pattern piece and all was good.  The bodice is boned to give it some shape and to hold it up and it's lined with calico.
The flappy over bit at the top I drafted by pinning my pattern pieces together and drawing a curve at the top. I self lined it and then sandwiched it between the lining and the bodice to attach it all. In hindsight some navy piping at the hem of the flappy over bit would have been fabulous.

For the shorts I used my TNT simplicity 9944, same as I did for last years floral shorts. I think I'm going to add some straps to the top, probably halterneck ties. 

I can't wait to pair this bodice with a circle skirt because I think it'll be epic.
Thanks so much for reading and to Ed for taking 3 sets of photos 'til they were how I wanted them. (Note to self: Some poses, not for me.)
Lauren xx